Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview: Former Atheist Richard Morgan

Today's interview is with Richard Morgan, a former atheist who found salvation in Jesus Christ. His testimony is fascinating, as part of his conversion story came about through his interactions on the Richard Dawkins website discussion boards. He has appeared on the Unbelievable? Radio program (here / MP3). He talks about his background, how he arrived at atheism, how he viewed God, his encounters on the RD forums, and his conversion to Christianity. He also offers some words of insight for Christians and atheists. You can also read about his story in this PDF.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (46 min)


See also, The Dawkins Letters by David Robertson, mentioned in the interview.


Dante said...

What a fascinating conversion story...

paul corrado said...

great interview. I found Richard Morgan to be a great listen as he was not only an atheist but also one that understands that all atheists are not bad people that just want to sin and can not be good or have good intentions in the world. I appreciated that view.

as an athiest i want to answer the questiosn asked at around 40 min.

why are you bothering listening to me?

I hope i have an open mind. at least to some extent. I am, in general, really curious about why we as humans believe what we believe. I think we, as people, need to start using a different term than believe or not believe (in most areas of our life). Most things have a scale of belief. if we are 99% sure about something or 51% sure we may say we believe it but these are two very different types of belief. When I say I am an atheist it is because I do not find enough evidence to believe but i am not 100% sure. I listen to this to help me understand why so many people in so many parts of the world are smart, educated, well meaning, positive, happy and good people and hold such different views on such an important topic.

a quick note on Richard Dawkins. I personally think he is a bit harsh on believers and that may influence the type of people that post on his site but not all atheist are this way. I personally do not believe in a god but do not have strong opinion on whether or not the belief in a god is good for a society.

Unknown said...

Brian, I love this one...
Blessed hear, an Honest seeker of truth, Love the soft part of him.

Steve Wilkinson said...

Thank you so much for that wonderful interview Richard! As someone, who has been posting in Internet forums like David Robertson (and often being told it is a waste of time), I was quite touched. God bless! -Steve

I wrote up a little article on this and pulled out a few apologetic tips:

bossmanham said...

While I'm totally about the personal experience of God, of which I was converted by, it kind of seems like he was on the cusp of advocating some sort of anti-intellectualism when it came to knowledge of God. Am I just reading him wrong? It sounded like he thought the evidence points decidedly away from God. I don't think that's the case at all.

Evan G. said...

thanks for your comment, paul! keep seeking the truth!

Sophia Lush and Mum said...

I have never read such a lovely, polite comment thread!!! Paul C - thank you for your gentleness in expressing your view.

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