Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Quote: Francis Schaeffer on Morality

"If there is no absolute moral standard, then one cannot say in a final sense that anything is right or wrong. By absolute we mean that which always applies, that which provides a final or ultimate standard. There must be an absolute if there are to be morals, and there must be an absolute if there are to be real values. If there is no absolute beyond man's ideas, then there is no final appeal to judge between individuals and groups whose moral judgements conflict. We are merely left with conflicting opinions."1

- Francis Schaeffer

1. Schaeffer, Francis. How Then Should We Live?: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture (New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1976).


Dr. James Tofflemire said...

I agree and have read a number of Schaeffer's books including the Christian Manifesto which furthers the theme of America's values and constitution being originally based on Christianity. Dr. J. Kennedy carried on his themes.

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