Friday, July 29, 2011

Interview: Sean McDowell on GodQuest

This interview is with Sean McDowell (also check out his first interview and second interview). In this audio Sean talks about his current projects and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's PhD program, advice for those looking at Masters programs, the size of the need for apologetics in the local church, his small-group resource called GodQuest, the goal of the project, the content of the program (the six 'signposts' and the contributing interviews), how the resource can be used (for believers and nonbelievers), and more. He calls this resource a kind of apologetics-lite that can introduce your church to apologetics.

Find the GodQuest resources here.
Full Interview MP3 Audio here (24 min)



John said...

Great Interview Mr. Auten. Thanks. Love Sean McDowell.

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