Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Quote: Ben Witherington on the Historical Resurrection of Jesus

“Any position in which claims about Jesus or the resurrection are removed from the realm of historical reality and placed in a subjective realm of personal belief or some realm that is immune to human scrutiny does Jesus and the resurrection no service and no justice. It is a ploy of desperation to suggest that the Christian faith would be little affected if Jesus was not actually raised from the dead in space and time.

A person who gives up on the historical foundations of our faith has in fact given up on the possibility of any real continuity between his or her own faith and that of a Peter, Paul, James, John, Mary Magdalene, or Priscilla. The first Christian community had a strong interest in historical reality, especially the historical reality of Jesus and his resurrection, because they believed their faith, for better or for worse, was grounded in it.”

- Ben Witherington

New Testament History, pg 167 [HT:Eric... again]


bossmanham said...

I'd go even stronger and say that one who denies the actual historical and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ is not a Christian, and not redeemed or saved.

Davitor said...

I’m am open to the possibility that the resurrection can represent the "Circle of Life" which refers to the fact that death is not really the end but the seed of some other life. Albert Einstein indirectly spoke of the evidence that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes form. Most often when one talks about the "Circle of Life" that refer to an animal either becoming food for another or simply decomposing into fertilization for plant life, but everything in existence participates in this great cycle, including Earth and stars.
But does this mean I am given up on the historicity that the resurrection did in fact take place? “NO” But it is in fact an assured response that “Energy” which is the foundation for life is “eternal” empirically.

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