Monday, October 24, 2011

Apologist Interview: Nabeel Qureshi

Today's interview is with Nabeel Qureshi, former Muslim and now Christian defender. He is director of Creed 2:6 ministries found at He talks about Creed2:6, his journey from Islam to Christianity, his interactions with the Muslim community and Muslim apologists, his response to critics of his conversion, the occurrence of visions and dreams from God to Muslims, the greatest challenges to sharing the Gospel with Muslims, the social consequences for leaving Islam, cultural vs. religious opposition, common errors to avoid, key factors to focus on, recommended resources on Islam, his personal message to those in Islam, and more. His full testimony is here. Video testimony here.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (42 min)

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Russell said...

I really enjoyed Nabeel's testimony. Thanks for the great interview Brian and for all your work Nabeel!

Anonymous said...

Great interview guys. Excellent testimony and explanations and advice Nabeel.

Please, go on and get your PhD, then use it with the Lord to do great works for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link mentioned during the interview:

and here is the recommended book:


Anonymous said...

Nabeel's Youtube/facebook/twitter hub page is here:

Brian said...

Thanks, canz

Ather Syed said...

Whatever Jesus has said, Christians do not follow that, they actually follow St. Paul.
1) Jesus said to follow the law (Old Testament) otherwise you will be considered least in the Kingdom of God.
2)Jesus said, if you have a faith that is of the size of a mustard seed, then you will be able to move mountains; if you order the mountain to move from one place to another, it will move. If Mr. Nabeel any Christian believer (who claims he has faith) can they move that. If they can then I will be the one who would be converted to Christianity immediately.
3)Jesus said: A man cannot have two masters 1)this World or worldly desires and 2) The God, which means love of God and love of this world cannot be together, if you want to get closer to the God.
4) Jesus said to worship one God who is my lord and your lord. Christians are worshiping 3 gods (Son, Father and Holy Ghost)
5) Jesus always prayed from one God, even the night before the crucifixion his prayers were heard and he was saved. Now Christian worships trinity,which has no basis in the Holy scriptures (Old testament, New Testament (Jesus pure teaching on the oneness of God) and the Holy Quran)
Current Christians are following St.Paul, below please find what St.Paul has said:
1) Law is a curse because Jesus became accursed for us to redeem us from the curse of Law.
2) Trinity was introduced by Paul not Jesus Christ.
3) Resurrection and raising from the dead was additions by St. Paul to support his pagan believes, which were very common in Romans in those days. Contradictions in teachings are proof that such teachings are not from the living God, whom I love and believe. Unfortunately St.Paul ideas have corrupted the beautiful teaching of the Jesus Christ (who used to talk in parables), which cannot be taken literal.
Jesus said that everything which is written in the Law will be fulfilled before the end of the world and they are fulfilled wonderfully. Prophet Muhammad came according to the prophecies of Jesus and Moses (I will send you details about those Bible verses in my next comments).
It is a proven fact from the Bible and the Holy Quran that "Jesus did not die on the cross". He was definitely saved (as God has saved so many prophets and messengers before). He migrated to India (Kashmir) because they were the lost tribes of Israel, which is a proven fact.
Use Google and type: the tomb of Jesus Christ in Kashmir. There is a BBC documentary on that as well Current Christians are actually following St.Paul teachings who has never seen Jesus Christ and was involved in the persecutions of Christians. He has totally turned the beautiful teachings of the Jesus Christ upside down.
Can you show me one example from the Bible where Jesus has created “even a single man, or a mountain or anything like that and showed it to his disciples)

I will send you other comments soon in relation to how the Christianity has moved from true facts to the fictions. I would like to challenge any Christian believer including (you, high priests etc.) that I can prove that God exists, who is One
from the Bible and Quran. Trinity and other pagan ideas were additions to the Bible, which can easily be traced with Biblical encyclopedia.

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