Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (10/14 - 10/21)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Josephus and Jesus
Hell, Compassion, and Apologetics
Against Calvinism by Roger E. Olson
For Calvinism by Michael Scott Horton
Mary Jo Sharp talk at Oklahoma Baptist
Craig Evans on Fabricating Jesus (video)
Resources on the Reasonable Faith UK Tour
The Thoughts of William Lane Craig - video
Divine Command Ethics: Ontology versus epistemology
Dawkins and PZ Myers on William Lane Craig– That’s It?
What conditions support the minimum requirements for complex life?
Undesigned Coincidences (evidence for the historicity of the Gospels) - video 
Richard Dawkins responds to Craig’s debate challenge in a UK Guardian editorial
The Defense Never Rests: Teacher's Handbook by William Lane Craig
The Defense Never Rests: A Workbook for Budding Apologists by William Lane Craig
Watch John Lennox's Response to Stephen Hawking's Grand Design
Evidence For the Existence of God - William Lane Craig at Imperial College London
Dawkins: The Magic of Money-Making While Catching the Bus From William Lane Craig

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Nick Potts said...

there is a book called "For Calvinism" by Michael Horton as well.

Nick Potts said...

Horton book found here::

Brian said...

The book "for Calvinism" is listed right below the "against Calvinism" link.

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