Monday, May 14, 2012

Apologist Interview: Kenneth Samples

Today's interview is with philosopher and theologian Ken Samples, senior research professor at Reasons to Believe. (Hear a prior interview here.) He talks about the Straight Thinking Podcast, the Unbelievable? Conference 2012 in London, an abductive approach to apologetics, the explanatory power of Christianity over atheism, morality and the human condition, the problem of evil and suffering, the different kinds of evil in the world, God's purposes in suffering, gratuitous evils, how to address the problem of evil with tact, and some of the key ideas in his newest book 7 Truths that Changed the World: Discovering Christianity's Most Dangerous Ideas. To enter the drawing for a copy of the book, just fill in this the quick entry form here.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (49 min)

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