Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Douglas Jacoby vs Richard Carrier Debate: Jesus—Son of God or Apocalyptic Prophet?

On January 14, 2012 Douglas Jacoby debated Richard Carrier on the topic: Jesus—Son of God or Apocalyptic Prophet? The debate took place at the Amador Christian Center in Sacramento California. Video on YouTube here. This is a long debate, with a lot of interaction and plenty of Q&A.

Full Debate MP3 Audio here (2hr 51min)



Anonymous said...

I think that Douglas Jacoby did an admirable job, but was not as prepared as he should have been regarding the "dying and rising gods" aspect of the discussion.

It seems that it would have been wise for him to come with citations to combat the claims of Richard Carrier, either from the primary sources about these alleged dying and rising Gods or subsequent studies of those primary sources.

I do wish the questions were less snarky toward Carrier.

deltadom said...

Taken to the woodshed, Unbalanced debate,
It would help if he had researched at least some of the main things such that he brings up in every debate such as

1. Roman and Greek History
2. Mystery Cults
3. 1st century Judaism and Customs
4. Archaeology
5. Historic Method

and many other apologetics topics which are basics even the subjects of miracles.

The questions were mainly directed to Richard Carrier and the debate was not fairly moderated.
There should have been equal questions
There are repeated questions from the audience in which the audience did not understand what he was saying. To me this was personally an embarrassment as a christian and I was cringing through a lot of it, when is the question an answer section going to stop.
The things is most of Richard Carriers arguments have been answered but not all of them. It was nice to hear he actually believes that Jesus exists.
There are so many times I listen to debates and actually take every objection seriously as there is sometimes on both sides when one does not understand the argument. The reason is as it provides strength to our position if it has been researched.

The reason is that these arguments tend to filter down to the average person on the street. Douglas Jacoby should have done his research properly.

With things like Kindle and Wikipedia we have access to these resources at a click on a button.
One thing that is pertinent is the source where on earth did he get his research from.

With Richard Carrier he is an expert on quite a few different topics.

What I found so distressing was the questions as it was like placing it into an ordinary church setting where Richard Carrier would wipe the floor with the average christian especially in England.

I found that Douglas Jacoby got taken to the woodshed

Anonymous said...

deltadom said...

I would agree with most of what you said.

I use the "admirable job" as in I appreciate him getting up there and being willing to debate, not necessarily an admirable job in research and presentation of that research.

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