Friday, August 17, 2012

Advanced Apologetics Workshop

The World Evangelical Leadership Forum (WELForum) provides some of the best content from world-class scholars, apologists, evangelists and leaders. Each year they host a conference in Hungary—the European Leadership Forum—bringing these great speakers to Eastern European believers and leaders. Today's featured resource is content from their Advanced Apologetics Workshop from 2009.

Here are the lecture titles:
  • Advanced Use of Historical Evidence for the Resurrection - Gary Habermas
  • Intellectual Virtues in Apologetics - Stefan Lindholm
  • Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely - Gavin McGrath)
  • Foundations of Critical New Testament Scholarship - Hans Bayer
  • The Moral Argument in the 21st Century - Bruce Little
  • Emotional Doubt Innoculation - Gary Habermas
Go HERE to listen/view the lectures, as well as find other great resources.


Unknown said...

wow... this is great!! thanks for sharing Brian.

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