Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Homosexual Question: Sin?

This talk is a seminar with Bobby Conway. Bobby is the the Lead Pastor at Life Fellowship Church and is also the One Minute Apologist. (Interview here.) In this seminar Bobby teaches on the subject of homosexuality. Is it biblically a sin? In this video, Bobby answers this question and many more. Go here for the video; part of the One Minute Apologist YouTube page.

Full MP3 Audio here(1hr 25min)


Mo said...

We're not even 5 minutes in and he's already accusing Christians of being the nonloving ones.

I am so tired of Christians taking this approach. By an overwhelming margin it is the pro-homosexual side spewing hatred at the Christian side, not the other way around. If you have any doubt, express any level of disagreement with homosexuality, same-sex marriage or anything else regarding this topic. Express it politely and tactfully, but clearly. You'll see the level of profanity and sheer hate that is leveled at you.


We'll see how the rest of it goes.

Mo said...

Evangelicals have been "horrific in their treatment" of homosexuals? Come on. What is horrific is how they are treated in Muslim countries. But us? Not even close. Again, the hate I've seen is overwhelmingly on the homosexual side, especially toward Christians. Homosexuality is promoted 24/7 from every corner of our culture. No one is treating them horrifically.


I had high hopes for this, but I had to give up after that, about 14 minutes in. I will not accept false guilt being put upon me, for things I have never done. That's true for the evangelical/Christian community at large. Those who treat homosexuals badly are on the fringe. It's wrong to just make the assumption that all of us are that way, and to put false guilt on us like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but how is this a question? Is this for people who have never read the bible, because I'm pretty sure it's clear on the subject.

Brian said...


I've also never treated homosexuals badly. But when listening to this talk I never felt a false guilt was being put on me.

I think what the speaker is trying to keep in mind here is that there are people who are overly sensitive and may get easily offended. If you say the "wrong thing" they just stop listening 10 minutes in.

dgfisch said...

In examining the homosexual question, there are two ideas that must be closely remembered simultaneously:

1. The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality in a sin.
2. The Bible clearly teaches that all mankind is riddled with sin, and some of us don't have to be homosexual to accomplish this.

Conway's reference to the woman taken in adultery (John 8: 2ff)is utmostly important. Heaven and hell is on the line as we examine our own need to repent daily. The self-righteous were the "stone throwers." Self-righteousness is often the most horrific form of sin, in the arrogant denial of the lost condition that faces us all, save for grace.

Saved by grace. Here is where every "sin question" has to turn.

Anonymous said...

Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more. Obviously we know that to receive Gods grace is to repent and sin no more. Repentence for our sins ought to be done daily in our prayers. I know many homosexuals do not believe it is a sin. The Bible says it is. God inspired the Bible.

Billy Squibs said...

"The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality in a sin"

Actually, it says that homosexual acts are sinful.

For more about this have a listen to the discussion on entitled "Homosexuality and the Bible: Things Christians Ought to Consider"

MaryLou said...

Hi, Billy!

You suggest there is there a difference between stating that homosexuality is a sin and saying that homosexual acts are sinful. To me, they are one and the same.

I went to While I did not listen to the discussion, I did read the summation and the comments. Are you making a difference between inclination and action?

Anonymous said...

I kinda have to agree with MaryLou here. Christ said that if you lust for a woman you have committed adultery in your heart. Lucky for mankind Gods Grace is sufficient for even those sins we keep to ourselves. Homosexuality is no different, than lusting for a woman in our heart, its all ugly sin.

Earnest said...

This is not a new question. It has been a long-standing excuse for those who want to justify homosexuality as an acceptable behavior to God. That a book must be written to defend and help market what is already clear in the Bible shows how far we have come in tolerating the sin. Isn't there anyone left who, like Lot in the days of Sodom, is tormented in his soul? Same sex marriage, together with abortion, should be the two primary issues distinguishing the presidential candidates. But instead, these issues of morality are pushed aside for issues related to power and money.

Jesus is an offense and a stumbling block to the unsaved or unrepentant sinner. Most homosexuals are deep enough in sin to have a degree of hardened hearts and seared consciences. Therefore, excuses and rejection to even the most logical or sensitive presentation of the gospel should not suprise us or give us pause about the presentation.

One of the tendencies for those in apologetics is to concern ourselves too much in our persuasiveness. Most of us have heard of brothers and sisters in Christ who were saved in situations where there was no intent to persuade.

This is not to say we should not be ready to give a defense or an account or otherwise respond to the genuine questions of a seeker. But we are responsible to present the gospel lovingly, and God is responsible for the result. Some seed will find good soil and take root. The battle is not against flesh and blood. Just as with the unsaved or unrepentant trapped in any other sinful behavior, our job is to pray for the work of the Spirit and deliver the message in a loving manner so that those given an ear to hear may receive it.

Unknown said...

MO, I tend to agree with you in that too much excuses seems much like flattery.

Let me repeat something I probably already said somewhere... the best book right now on homosexuality, its affects on culture, and even theology is - "A Queer thing happened to America" by Dr. Michael Brown

Unknown said...
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