Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brian Auten Interviewed on EIE Radio

Today's audio is a recent interview on the EIE Radio Podcast. Neill Hess interviews Brian Auten on a variety of topics: Brian's testimony, reasons for getting into apologetics, apologetics training, memorable interviews, critical areas of engagement for Christians, habits for apologists, pitfalls to avoid, being loving when using arguments, the future of apologetics, and how to get started in apologetics. Links mentioned include: 10 Favorite Apologetics Interviews10 Pitfalls of the Foolish Apologist.



Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, thanks much for sharing your insights on doing Apologetics. Yet, there is one thing i want to point out here, I think you are wrong in saying, you don't like people interviewing you and the reason you gave was, i don't like to hear my own voice? :-) well, let me tell you, you got a good gentle voice, full of information and insights. Please don't say it again next time when someone interview you. Overall, it was excellent hearing you being interviewed by EIE radio. I Thanks to EIE for having you and thanks much for your ministry, Apologetics315.


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