Friday, October 12, 2012

On Guard Apologetics Conference AUDIO

This year The Reasonable Faith Tulsa Chapter hosted the 2012 On Guard Christian Apologetics Conference at the Church at BattleCreek in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This conference had a number of excellent speakers, and videos are here. Now here are the AUDIOS of this conference. (RSS Audio Feed here.)

• William Lane Craig - What is Apologetics?
• William Lane Craig - What About Suffering?
• Gary Habermas - The Resurrection of Jesus
• Mike Licona - Who Was Jesus?
• Paul Copan - Can We Be Good Without God?
• Doug Geivett - God & the Origin of the Universe
• Panel Interview


The Janitor said...

Regarding Craig's talk "What About Suffering" -

1) Someone raises the question of "what about morally questionable things God commanded in the Bible?" Craig's response is (and has always been in the past) that this is irrelevant because it just calls into question the reliability of Scripture.

That always has struck me as a dodge of the issue. What about the many Christians who affirm the inerrancy of Scripture? Is Craig saying the Canaanite passages and our moral intuitions defeat that? Why not say at worst this calls into question the inerrancy of our moral intuitions?

2) In the last question Craig uses the prefrontal cortex response to animal suffering. However, it appears Craig (and Murray?) is wrong: many animals beside humans and higher apes have a prefrontal cortex and many neurologist would would say that many animals besides humans and higher apes have self-awareness. (See here:

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