Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book Review: Reasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims

Reasoning from the Scriptures with MuslimsReasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims by Ron Rhodes is a practical and informative introduction to Islam from a Christian perspective. Rhodes provides the reader with the history and growth of Islam, a biographical look at Muhammad, an overview and critique of the Quran, a comparison between Allah and the Biblical view of God, a look at the Bible and the life of Jesus, an exploration of the Muslim view of the afterlife, and tips for evangelizing among Muslims.

As for readability, Rhodes does an excellent job of presenting an accessible book. For those who don’t particularly enjoy exploring the multi-faceted world of other religions, the logical flow and structure of the book makes assimilating the information and understanding the content less difficult. The author is also respectful in presenting differing views and while critiquing Islam as a worldview. The winsome tone and intend of the author is clear; his goal is not to simply dismantle an opposing view, but to win people to Christ.

At 342 pages, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims covers a lot of ground, as outlined above. Included throughout each chapter are “Ask” segments, which offer a number of points of engagement with one’s Muslim friend. These questions apply the insights gained from the topics covered in each chapter. The reader will also find answers and discussion points for many of the common questions that Muslims have for Christians. These include Bible verses that Muslims frequently cite to criticize Christianity.

In sum, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims is an excellent tool and resource for apologetic engagement with Muslims. The reader will gain an understanding of Islam, as well as a Biblical critique of the view and tips on how to engage Muslims. At the same time, it offers answers to the main objections from Muslims and a defense of the Christian view of Jesus, the Bible, the trinity, and salvation. This book can be highly recommended for apologetics students as a starting resource in Islamic studies, as well as for those with a heart to share Christ with their Muslim friends.


Toyin O. said...

Sounds like an interesting book, thanks for sharing:)

Joe said...

Thanks...I am living in the Middle East now...need this resource!

Tom Moeller said...

I just ordered my book last Friday. B&N had a extensive “look inside” feature that showed the clarity of writing and ease of style that convince me I needed this resource.
I was invited to an inter-faith symposium on loyalty to homeland were a Sikh, Nondenominational Christian, Lutheran (LC-MS) and Muslim gave short presentations on reconciling loyalty to faith and homeland (defined homeland). Showing how they are separated, brought together, conflict and complement each other.
The Muslim was of a sect that is persecuted for their peaceful, tolerant interpretation of the quran. I hope to learn more on how a sect of Muslims can take so much intolerance and violence and seemingly chuck it out and still call themselves Muslims (are they just liberal Muslims and reinterpret the quran like liberal Christians reinterpret the clear word of God?)

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