Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Question of Miracles: Interview with Craig Keener

Michael Licona of interviews Craig Keener of Palmer Theological Seminary on the topic of miracles. He provides numerous examples of credible miracle reports from antiquity through the present. Keener also addresses a number of objections to miracles. Interview source at 4Truth. Craig Keener's book on miracles Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts will be released later this year.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (77 min)



Jason Engwer said...

I highly recommend that people listen to this. It's well worth your time. These men are New Testament scholars who have studied the historicity of miracles and have a lot to say about the subject. It's much better than the average discussion on this topic.

Brian said...

And thanks for linking to it over at Triablogue, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Especially all the people who have been raised from the dead.


J.P. Moreland talks about his supernatural experiences including Words of Knowledge and angelic encounters. He really begins around 13 minutes into the lecture in sharing his testimony.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend that atheists and non-Christian not bother with miracle claims outside their own cities, since you likely don't have the money or time it would take to do the kind of proper thorough investigation that would guard the most against fraud or mistake. What are you gonna do, give up your family and just tour the world constantly investigating the endless claims of miracles? Only desperate apologists would think atheists and skeptics were under such ridiculous burden. Sort of like Mormons who say you can't dis the Book of Mormon until you've been to South American and made sure there's no archaeological evidence for that book. And if apologists say email and phone interviews with miracle claimants should be sufficient, then the apologist's standard of evidence has been made absurdly low in the effort to prove modern miracle claims true (how could evidence ultimately coming through email or phone interview, ever be so good that it left no room for reasonable doubt?) the expense of making apologists look as gullible as anybody following Benny Hinn. And if the Steve Hay's comment that email or phone interview should be good enough, then he condemns all miracle claimants who try to provide more evidence than email or phone interview to prove their miracle claim. And if he doesn't condemn them for doing that, then he must allow the investigator to accept the invitation and investigate the medical file or other evidence that wouldn't come from email and phone interview, thus implicating the cost-prohibition argument I make, thus rationally justifying the skeptics who deliberately disregard documentation of miracle claims. Nobody has enough time and money to investigate properly, and nobody except desperate apologists will say the skeptic with wife and kids should give up them and his job and just tour the world investigating every stupid fairytale deluded people conjure up.

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