Friday, April 01, 2011

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (03/25 - 04/01)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
The Kalam and the Infinite
Review of Craig vs. Krauss Debate
The Ontological Argument (video)
Seminary Advice
Easter Apologetics
Starting Point Online Journal
Is Apologetic Posting on Internet Sites a Waste of Time?
Is belief in Christianity like believing in Leprechauns?
• Just received this in the mail: Existential Reasons for Belief in God: A Defense of Desires and Emotions for Faith
A Brief Post-Mortem on the Craig/Krauss debate (by WLC)

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Drew said...

Sweetness. Although the full title of the video is: The Ontological Argument for the Triune God

Randy Everist said...

Hi Drew. I loved that video. Nice case for multipersonal and good usage of Maydole's argument. This was a good week for my blog, but that was because I was riding the coattails of Craig-Krauss' debate.

Drew said...

Thanks Randy. Anyone who wants to can feel free to re-post!

Jordan said...

Those interested in responses to Ehrman's new book might also want to check out Ben Witherington's ongoing chapter-by-chapter review of the book.

Part 1 is here:

Russell said...

I think Mike Licona will be in discussion with Ehrman in an upcoming episode of the Unbelievable podcast as well.

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