Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apologetics Video Clips for Small Groups

Someone recently emailed asking for suggestions for apologetics videos that would be appropriate for use in a small group setting. These sorts of videos would relatively short clips, illustrating a particular topic, and useful for prompting further discussion. So here are some of the video resources that have been featured in the past that are suitable for small group use.

One-Minute Apologist
These are quick and short videos by well known apologists on a variety of topics.

200+ Apologetics Videos by
More short form videos on lots of various topics. Good for sparking discussion.

William Lane Craig Q&A Videos
These are more scholarly, but still short and good. Excellent for Reasonable Faith Chapters.

Apologetics Videos, Curriculum and PDF downloads
These are handy adaptations from the Apologetics Study Bible, including PDF handouts.

The Inner Life of the Cell Video
This is a good video introduction to intelligent design.

All of the above resources are found online. But if you are looking for DVDs for small group use, some great first choices are The Lee Strobel Film Collection and DVDs by Illustra Media. What videos would you recommend for small group use?



Nick Potts said...

The Reason for God dvd by Tim Keller

Stand To Reason's Abassador's Creed and I believe Tactics has a dvd series as well.

Neil Shenvi said...

My pastor had a neat idea that we're going to try in July. For four weeks, I'll be teaching a course on apologetics during our normal weekly small group time. We'll also open the group up to anyone else who wants to attend. I wonder if this could be a good strategy for getting apologetics into the church.

Chad said...

Hello Brian,

I highly recommend Focus on the Family's TrueU DVD curriculum taught by Dr. Stephen Meyer.

There are two in the series: 1. Does God Exist? 2. Is the Bible Reliable?

Check them out here.

I have personally taught the Does God Exist? series at my church and found the content to be thorough, organized, and up-to-date.

They are advertised as "college prep" (and it is certainly excellent for that!)but I found the content to be applicable to everyone, regardless of their age.


Brian said...


That sounds good.

Keep it applicable to those attending, keep it relevant to their situation, and keep the terminology accessible.

I have found that in doing classes like that it can be useful to sprinkle in appropriate video clips (say, into the powerpoint) to help keep attention as well as elaborate on points.

Nick said...

Does anyone have a recommendation or any advice for staying deep in God's Word, while simultaneously studying the different topics on apologetics with a small group? Anything would be nice!! I'm changing the direction of my small group to be more apologetics oriented, but I do not want to diminish our bible reading to do so.

reasonsibelieve said...

@Snowdude - perhaps studying the Word using an Apologetics Study Bible, such as the one by Holman Bible Publishers, 2009. I use this particular one and I love all of the side notes provided. Very insightful.

Sam Gabrail said...

Hi guys, I'm looking for short cartoonish vidoes that explain apologetic topics such as the reliability of the Bible. I'd like to show them to high school students in our youth small group. Does anyone know of something like that?

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