Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slavery in the Bible: 8 Quick Resources

Why is slavery permitted in the Bible? (CARM)
Slavery in the Bible (All About Worldview)
• Does the Bible condone slavery?
  [also MP3] (Got Questions)
• Does the Bible Condone Slavery? (RZIM)
• What God says about slavery (PleaseConvinceMe)
• Some Initial Reflections on Slavery in the New Testament (Daniel Wallace)
• Slavery in Bible Times (PDF)
• The Bible, God, Genocide, Slavery, Misogyny, and Other Strange Stuff (Paul Copan)

Check it out.


Damian said...

Usually the slavery thing is coming from an Atheist trying to somehow invalidate God or the Bible.To me the atheist first has to answer the question What's wrong with slavery? I mean in the natualistic worldview shouldn't the stronger dominate the weaker? In fact shouldn't the stronger encourage the slaves to breed more of the "weaker" perpetuating a slave race to serve the stronger? It would be a Darwinian dream come true. I'm not sure where the naturalistic moral imperative would come from other than personal preference.

Bruce said...

Cool! Maybe I'll be better prepared the next time this topic comes up. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said that he did not come into the world to condem it, but that through him the world may be saved. When one people try to control another person against that person will, it is another form of slavery. I believe in free speech, free to express etc... but when it is used to domonate or hurt another person at any cost, then these amendments no longer apply to you. Jesus serve a many people but never try to used his authority to undermind anyone of any social level in which he was well able to handle at every level. So, what does it take to change the essenit of a man......... the answer is time. Meanin, a person CAN change if he or she desire to change

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