Friday, June 03, 2011

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (05/27- 06/03)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Prove it!
A Few Questions About Hell
The truth shall set you free
Apologetics for kindergarteners
7 Short Videos by Michael Licona
Atheism and Negative Social Behavior
Question and Answer with Lee Strobel
Busting The Dying And Rising Gods Myths
A.C. Grayling would rather debate fairies
Response to Dawkins Part 4 (by Paul Copan)
Fine-tuning requirements for life (4 PDFs!)
The Giraffe: A Model of Intelligent Design
Is the Supernatural Real? - Dr. JP Moreland
Book Review: A History of Apologetics, Part 3 of 3
Interview with Tom Gilson: Discipleship of the Mind (MP3)
Physics Evidence for the Existence of God (On A Razor's Edge)
William Lane Craig on his debate with Lawrence Krauss (part 3 MP3)
• Seven videos from the Biola University conference on God and evolution
Tim McGrew Interviewed on incidental historical allusions in the New Testament (MP3)
Is The Basis Of Morality Natural Or Supernatural? Debate Between Richard Taylor and William Lane Craig

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Thanks for collecting these links, Brian! I gave you a plug in my post, so you should see a little inbound traffic.

Russell said...

I would highly recommend the Tim McGrew one. I listened to it today and was thoroughly enjoyed it!

Neil Shenvi said...

I also enjoyed the McGrew interview. One question: does anyone know how a skeptic would respond to the argument from undesigned coincidences? The best argument I could offer would be to claim that Markan priority could explain any Mark-Matthew-Luke coincidences. Some scholars also claim that John had access to Mark, which would then partially explain the Mark-John coincidences. I might chalk the rest up to chance?
This obviously seems ad hoc to me, but I always like to think out the possible responses to an argument before I use it. Any other ideas?

Russell said...

Hi Neil,

I had a similar thought when I heard some of the undesigned coincidences. However, I wonder how much the Mark explanation could solve. If I remember correctly, many of the coincidences in the non-mark gospels add information that wasn't in Mark. Therefore, they must have some information that Mark did not provide in his account. I would be interested to see how some of our skeptical friends answer these as well. It's still amazing to me how they are not used more.

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