Thursday, June 09, 2011

Audio on Cults by the Centers for Apologetics Research

Looking for teaching/training in answering cults such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, or the New Age? Check out the resources by the Centers for Apologetics Research. CFAR's main goal is to equip Christians in the developing world for discernment, the defense of the faith, and cult evangelism. To find out more, see here. Or check out video and articles. Here are some MP3 lectures addressing cults:

Four Dangers of Jehovah's Witnesses (59:25)
Witnessing to Mormons (42:04)
Understanding the Cults (51:03)
Understanding Mormonism (55:25)
Oneness Pentecostals (36:25)
Channeling and the Occult Explosion (40:17)
The Christian and the Masonic Lodge (40:44)
The Culting of America/Challenge of Discernment (42:21)
Answering and Evangelizing Jehovah's Witnesses (44:58)
The New Age Alien Obsession (49:18)
Ten Keys to Witnessing to the Cults (45:28)



jeremy said...

(This may be a tangent.)Call me an ostrich with head in sand, but outside the usual cults mentioned on this site, I don't run into many fringe cults with gurus and so forth that you might find in the 70s Christian books and so forth (though there was Heaven's Gate, Koresh, and Aum Shinrikyo later on in 90s+). Is this for lack of reporting? Similarly, there was a boom in Satanic rituals (and abuse) in the 80s that has since either been seen to die down or been (biasedly?) discredited. Books aren't published on that as much as before. I bring this up as I am extremely interested in engaging in dialogue as I did meet someone in a movie discussion board who said he was a Satanist. Maybe my lack of run-ins with the fringe is that I live in the Midwest and not the fringe areas of California where more experimental things are going on. Anybody else have thoughts on this? It just seems like my world must be small on this subject and the problem is much bigger than I see. Plus, I am not a world traveler yet so there maybe entire continents with 'fringe' activity. Anyway, great post, as usual.

Russell said...

Hi Jeremy,

I also live in the midwest and I know what you mean. Most everyone I know falls into a sort of nominal Christian category or simply ignores the idea of religion.

Neil Shenvi said...

I've noticed that you've been thinking a lot lately about sharing the gospel with Jehovah's Witnesses. If you're interested, here's an essay I just completed based on some current conversations I'm having with JWs and help from Robert Bowman and Mike Felker (whom I found through your web site!):

Skylar said...

Unfortunately it seems that these links are dead. Are there any locations for these?

Brian said...

I just checked all the links and they work for me.

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