Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did Christianity Steal from Mystery Religions? MP3 Audio

In this four-part audio series, apologist Lenny Esposito of Come Reason Ministries unpacks the question: Did Christianity Steal from Mystery Religions? Lenny responds to the charge that "There were many resurrected messiahs in ancient religions," "Christianity ripped off other faiths," and the like.

Did Christianity Steal from Mystery Religions?
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Audio (link bundle here)

Check out the Come Reason podcast here.



Davitor said...

At the heart of what Christians struggle is not so much the defendability of the claim of a resurrected body but of what happened afterwards.

Ex N1hilo said...

So a rock is not a virgin?

Anonymous said...

Also some interesting (long) discussion here: (Part 1)

SilentK said...

This content is blocked from being shared on FB. Interesting! I found this talk very informative. wish I could share it. Wounder who flagged it?

Anonymous said...

You can share this on Facebook by sharing the direct link to this blog page instead of sharing the post on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

@Ex N1hilo
"So a rock is not a virgin?"


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying these!

I like how the apologist let the opposing side lay out their case, then dissects it.

That reminds me: Given that the Zeitgeist was/is such an Internet sensation, someone should dissect the work of another Internet sensation -- Robert Price. He has a lot of followers / listeners. He's a pretty smart guy, but he does some weird mingling of sources. Sometimes it's really hard to follow, yet his conclusion are picked up by skeptics and atheists, then used as ammunition. He was part of the inspiration behind one of my apologetics cartoons because he seems to enjoy saying, "We just don't have any way of knowing."

Just a thought!


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