Monday, January 10, 2011

God, the Universe & Stephen Hawking by John Lennox

In this lecture, part of the University of Dundee's Margaret Harris Lecture on Religion (original and video found here), Professor of Mathematics John Lennox (Oxford) talks about A Matter of Gravity: God, the Universe and Stephen Hawking. Lennox gives an overview and concise critique of some of Hawking's ideas presented in The Grand Design, while including some of his own ideas from his upcoming book: God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design is it Anyway? Followed by question and answer session.

Full MP3 Audio here. (97 min)

More resources by John Lennox here. More resources dealing with The Grand Design here, and review here.


Ex N1hilo said...

Great exposition by Dr. Lennox of the relationship of God and of faith to science and of the muddled thinking of scientism, especially as demonstrated in "The Grand Design."

bossmanham said...

Luckily, I'm not sure even many atheists took this book seriously. I'm thinking it's because of the coordinated response to it by apologists all over the place. If only we could catch everything like that.

Davitor said...

Wonderful lecture. This is the kind philosophy that needs to be taught to all atheist.

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