Friday, January 14, 2011

Did God Create the Universe? MP3 by Hugh Ross

In this audio file available, at the great CS Lewis Institute website, Hugh Ross (Reasons to Believe) speaks on the subject: Did God Create the Universe?: Why a Personal God Must be Responsible for The Grand Design of the Universe. Ross surveys current scientific evidence to show how it points to the design of the universe by a personal God.

Full MP3 Audio here (68 min).
Download page here. Lecture page here.

Hugh Ross's books include:
• Why the Universe Is the Way It Is
• More Than a Theory: Revealing a Testable Model for Creation
• A Matter of Days: Resolving a Creation Controversy
• Genesis One: A Scientific Perspective



Ex N1hilo said...

To "believe in Christ as Creator, Savior, and Lord" based on "brand new reasons" derived from "the latest scientific discoveries" presented "literally hours after they have been announced" is foolishness.

Unknown said...

Your comment is foolish haha. Hugh Ross doesn't base his belief in Christ as Creator, Savior, and Lord on "brand new reasons" at all. His belief in Christ is a response to the biblical account which is thousands of years old. He is merely showing how what we're currently learning about the universe through science is consistent with the biblical account. You come across as a bitter young earth creationist that wants to throw stones. Get over yourself lol.

Ex N1hilo said...


Not bitter, but concerned. Concerned that we are being taught that the cutting-edge theories of empirical science are able to serve as an authority to which we can appeal to validate the testimony of God in the Scriptures as trustworthy.

The house is built on sand. The theories change. They are discarded. New ones appear. The wind blows. The sands shift. The house falls.

pds said...

Hi Ex N1hilo,

Unfortunately, we all struggle with doubts for time to time and our faith that Scriptures are the Word of God is not always strong. In times like these, Apologetic arguments can really help. The reality in my life is that arguments strengthen my conviction in the Bible, not weaken it. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I think both evidential and presuppositional approaches are Biblically valid and both can strengthen the Church.


p.s I may not agree with you sometimes, but I appreciate your attitude and tone.

Davitor said...

Wonderful lectures thank you Brian.
PDS, do you doubt that man wrote the Bible?
Do you believe that arguing with a friend or spouse helps your relationship?
If you answer is no to both these questions then there's no need to struggle.

pds said...

Men wrote the Bible but were inspired by God. Arguing sharpens relationships, I learn alot from my wife when we argue in love.

Your questions are designed to persuade me Davitor, which seems to contradict some of your earlier statements.

Davitor said...

Not at all PDS I don't need you to change, please continue in your struggle. Peace be with you.

pds said...

Then why do you post? This is a contradiction between your actions and world view.

Everyone struggles with their beliefs from time to time, and that included members of your religion no doubt.

Davitor said...

To respond to your struggle. If someone has a problem or a struggle, and I have the solution should I not comment?

pds said...

Your playing semantic games here Davitor to escape the obvious true: You are trying to persuade others that your point of view is "the solution". Now you say your only "responding to [my] struggle" but that is exactly what us Christians do. We respond to those who are struggling without God, and we have the solution. Thus we try and persuade non-believers that the solution is Christ.

You are doing the same, but your solution is different. Your "comments" and "responses" are simply another form of persuasion. To be consistent with your beliefs that persuasion is wrong or unnecessary you must say nothing at all.

Davitor said...

OK pds you win and I loose. Is in it fun to play games? Now can you imagine a world where we didn't have games to play?... that would get boring real fast...Now can imaging a world where I would win all the time, that would be even more boring...
Peace be with you...

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