Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Debate: William Lane Craig vs. Paul Kurtz: Goodness Without God is Good Enough?

In this debate, Christian apologist and philosopher William Lane Craig and prominent humanist philosopher Paul Kurtz discuss whether God is necessary for a sound foundation for morality. This debate took place in 2001 at Franklin & Marshall College.

Full Debate MP3 Audio here (1hr 48 min)


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coolvlad said...

Dr. Craig is just brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to this debate. Kurtz expressed nothing more than a sentimental humanism. He never seriously tried to answer Craig's charge of how do you avoid Nihilism if there is no God. Kurtz kept pointing to the fact that humanists do, in fact, live moral lives, as if that is some kind of evidence that 'objective moral values exist apart from God'. Craig rightly pointed out that humanists are doing nothing more than living a 'noble lie'. I agree with Craig that "if God is dead, than so is man"

Anonymous said...

Can you post William Lane Craig's debate with Robert M. Price?

jeremy said...

I was a bit disappointed with Kurtz. He didn't seem to even understand the points, almost as if two different debates were cut and edited together. His whole debate response was basically "Just Because and all you should just accept this." Has he done better elsewhere?

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