Sunday, September 02, 2012

Francis Schaeffer on Asking for Answers

"At first acquaintance, this concept, 'I do not ask for answers; I just believe,' gives the feeling of spirituality and it deceives many fine people. These are often young men and women who are not content only to repeat the phrases of the intellectual or spiritual status quo. They have become rightly dissatisfied with a dull, dusty, introverted orthodoxy given only to pounding out a few well known clichés. The new theology sounds spiritual and vibrant and they are trapped. But the price they pay for what seems to be spiritual is high, for to operate in the upper story using undefined religious terms is to fail to know and function on the level of the whole man. The answer is not to ask these people to return to the poorness of the status quo, but to a living orthodoxy which is concerned with the whole man; including the rational and intellectual, in his relationship to God."

- Francis Schaeffer
The God Who is There


Daniel said...

Good quote. Thanks for posting it.

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