Friday, September 14, 2012

Featured Resource: Challenge & Response Videos by STR

Looking for thoughtful responses to tough challenges to your faith? Every week the guys over at the STR Place Blog answer a challenge with a thoughtful response video. It's a growing weekly resource, and it's all archived with easy links. These aren't just pat answers, but they dig into the issues, discuss the key points, and then formulate a reasonable response to each weekly challenge. A great resource:
Be sure to visit STR Place Blog for their weekly challenges and response.


Damon Whitsell said...

thank you!!!

dgfisch said...

Both Brett Kunkle and Alan Shlemon post excellent videos for STR, but Brett has a flare for offering a little subtle zing to the message. In "Bad Design = No Design," Brett gives his post while driving on the California freeway, a great example of an excellent design being negated by overuse of traffic. In "Prove God by the Scientific Method," he uses his infant son and a ruler to demonstrate that scientific methods are incapable of establishing personal relationship levels.

All videos are thoughtful responses to questions that many feel are unassailable, that is, until some real thought is applied.

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