Friday, November 05, 2010

The 7 Laws of Apologetics MP3 by Wes Moore

In this short audio interview on the Gary Demar Show, Wes Moore (founder and president of EvidenceAmerica) talks about apologetics and shares what he calls the seven laws of apologetics. A quick basic primer for the beginner.

1. The other guy doesn't know as much as you think.
2. Everybody has faith.
3. A contradiction can never be true.
4. Never say "I don't know" twice.
5. Verify everything.
6. Ask others for their reasons.
7. Never get angry

Video Can be found here.
Original audio and podcast feed for the Gary DeMar Show is here.

Full MP3 Audio here. (14 min)



Davitor said...

I do agree that apologist can quite logically accomplish the first 6 laws, but the 7th is illogical for how can you possibly not feel discontentment or disappointment which in essence anger at the fate you invision on others who do not accept this world view.

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