Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask: by Mark Mittelberg - FREE Kindle Book

Mark Mittelberg has released a new book - The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers) - dealing with the top 10 questions Christians most want to avoid (based on a survey of 1000 Christians done through Barna last summer) -- including hot button issues like abortion and homosexuality. Through Nov. 20, 2010 you can download it from Amazon for FREE for Kindle, Kindle-for-Mac or Kindle-for-PC, Kindle-for-cell phone, etc.

Download it FREE here (until Saturday, 20th Nov)



Unknown said...

Amazon says $2.30

Brian said...

That is strange - I show 0.00!

Tony said...

And it tells me $2.00 - but then tells me I can't buy it anyway as my kindle reader is registered to

bossmanham said...

I got it for $0.00 as well. I was just about to buy it too. Thanks, Brian.

Davitor said...

And these are questions I love for people to ask for i know when I respond with the truth they will not question any more.

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