Thursday, November 04, 2010

New Book on the Resurrection of Jesus

Michael Licona, Research Professor of New Testament at Southern Evangelical Seminary, has just released a monumental new book: The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. From the publisher:
Could there be any new and promising approach to the question of the historicity of Jesus' resurrection? Yes, answers Michael Licona. And he convincingly points us to a significant deficiency in approaching this question: our historiographical orientation and practice. He then carefully and effectively applies his principles and methods to the question of Jesus' resurrection.
This book is sure to become required reading for anyone exploring this field, as Michael Licona has made an extremely significant contribution to scholarship in this area. Pick it up today.

For those who purchase the book today from Amazon, leave your comment below. You'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy for a friend of your choosing.*

Reviews and endorsements here.
Get it here.

*I'll be asking for proof!


Unknown said...

I ordered it this morning based on your mentioning it yesterday. Look forward to how Mike deals with the historiography questions. I have one skeptic/atheist in particular I have been discussing the resurrection with and the only avenue towards his having to admit it happened is through the historical vantage point.

W Tucker

Anonymous said...

Hey Tucker, could I offer a friendly thought/suggestion? In my experience, the degree to which you're open to Jesus' historically resurrecting significantly corresponds to the degree to which you're open to theism. Usually, establishing the truth (or at least credibility) of theism needs to come before establishing the truth of the resurrection. Otherwise, your friends "background knowledge" just can't fit in miracles, no matter how good the evidence is; he'll never admit it happened while he's an atheist. I usually work through Robin Collins' fine-tuning argument and the Kalam first, establishing at least the credibility of theism, well before presenting the awesome case for Jesus' resurrection. Just a thought.


Mark said...

Wow, even if I don't win this book, I'll be purchasing this.

Nick Potts said...

Blake, I would say that happens with certain people because in my experience it is the opposite. showing the resurrection happening opens the idea to theism and miracles. I think the important issue is prayer and sharing the gospel through these situations rather than doing this to simply throw up intellectual vomit (as many apologists do unfortunately) but it is always the power of the gospel that overrides anything.

but definitely, Tucker, which ever it may be...whether the resurrection idea must be preceded by the openness to theism and miracles or the resurrection account opening their mind to miracles and theism, though i'm sure you know already, go about it in prayer because the Lord will lead you in the way it needs to be done.

Erin said...

I just purchased this book and should receive it on tuesday. Iv'e been waiting for a comprehensive text on the resurrection from a christian historian for some time now as I have no books that are solely devoted to the subject. But i think iv'e found such book.

emmzee said...

I will be ordering this book, though not likely from since I live in Canada and there are cheaper options. I'm interested to see how Licona's approach differs from the book he wrote with Habermas ("The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus") ie the minimal facts approach ... according to Habermas, Licona wrote most of it anyways :) (I got to take a class on the resurrection with Habermas during a summer semester at my old seminary.)

Brian said...

Stay tuned to upcoming interviews where I ask Mike Licona that very question.

Brian said...

Walt, please contact me with your details and I'll get a book out to you.

Brian said...

Ok - haven't heard from Walt - so the runner up is Erin. Erin, can you contact me so I can get a book to you?

Brian said...

Ok, haven't heard from Walt or Erin. I will be contacting the next runner up directly. Sorry guys... if I don't hear back from you I can't give you your prize.

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