Monday, May 30, 2011

Apologist Interview: Norman Geisler

Today's interview is with apologist Norman Geisler, Distinguished Professor of Apologetics at Veritas Evangelical Seminary and author of over 70 books. He answers a variety of questions and topics: how he got into apologetics, his greatest influences on his own thinking, the change on the apologetics landscape in the past decades, his suggested required reading for all apologists, the kinds of arguments he has encountered and how they have affected him, advice for studying arguments, the growth of apologetics in the church, the top three topics to focus on, skills apologists should develop, pitfalls to avoid, areas that should be strengthened, the necessity of theology, what he feels the strongest argument is for God's existence, learning from those who disagree, one's prayer life and integrity, favorite illustrations, advice for studying in the field, and more.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (44 min)

Books by Dr. Geisler include:
Christian Apologetics
• Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
• I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist
• If God, Why Evil?
• Conversational Evangelism
• Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Options

You may also enjoy An Apologetic for Apologetics (article) by Dr. Geisler.

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