Monday, May 09, 2011

Apologist Interview: Tim McGrew

Today's interview is with Dr. Tim McGrew, Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University. He is a philosopher and apologist who has written extensively in areas pertinent to epistemology. He talks about his background and work, examples of undesigned coincidences in the New Testament and Old, the arguments made by Bart Ehrman in his new book Forged and its fatal flaw, textual and literary criticism, spotting actual forgeries, good historical approaches to determining reliability, assessing the New Testament miracles compared to pagan miracles, apologetics works of the past, advice to apologists, and more.

See also Tim's talk on Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels. Also check out the Library of Historical Apologetics. See works by Paley, Watson, and Bennett mentioned in interview.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (52 min)

Tim's books include:
• The Foundations of Knowledge
• Philosophy of Science: An Historical Anthology
• Internalism and Epistemology: The Architecture of Reason


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erik said...

Undesigned coincidences for the win! I never tire of hearing about these.

Timoteo Zieger said...

This man is brilliant. His wife Lydia has also done some incredible work! She too would be worth an interview.

It is with his help that Tim's sister-in-law Viki McGrew wrote a new Apologetics curruculum targeted toward high-school/young university students.

Thanks for this!

Russell said...

Thanks Brian! I was hoping you would get an interview in with Tim. I am actually looking forward to work!

Brad Cooper said...

Wow! Excellent. Thanks for this interview, Brian. Tim's important work deserves highlighting. And this interview is packed full of helpful stuff (and teasers for more!)....

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