Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bart Ehrman’s New Testament Forgery Theory

This week on the Issues, Etc. radio program (podcast), Todd Wilken interviewed Bart Ehrman about his recent book Forged, in which Ehrman claims many of the New Testament documents are forgeries. Following the interview, Todd interviewed apologist John Warwick Montgomery for his critique of Ehrman's claims. Both interviews were excellent and can be found in the Issues, Etc. On Demand Archive (part 1, part 2). However, for those who would like to listen back to back without all the extra commercial breaks, listen this audio:

Interview and Critique of Bart Ehrman's Forgery Theory MP3 (73min)



Anonymous said...

I did not hear your radio program, but I have read Dr. Ehrman's book. At this time I'm not saying that I agree or disagrre with his conclusions, but I want to say this. In his book, Dr. Ehrman backed up his conclusions with some pretty interesting evidence, which I haven't been able to completely check out. However, I have been trying to find someone with an opposing viewpoint that will back their conclusions with good evidence and have not found any. Plenty of writers are willing to say that Dr. ehrman is wrong, but they don't give any evidence to back up their claims. Just quoting a denominational viewpoint is not good enough for someone who does serious research.

Brian said...

It would be worth listening to the audio, I would say.

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