Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Michael Licona vs Stephen Patterson Debate: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Here is an audio recording of Michael Licona and Jesus Seminar fellow Stephen Patterson debating the topic: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? This debate was held at FSU in Spring 2010, hosted by the Veritas Forum. Original audio was low quality - this is a somewhat improved version. See also Licona's new book on the resurrection here.

Debate MP3 Audio here. (100 min)



Nick Potts said...

I was there!!!!!! haha. it was about a 3.5 hour drive, but it was totally worth it!

I missed the opening statements unfortunately, but I did catch the rebuttals, the closing statements, the Q and A times. and the group sessions that we discussed at the end....basically everyone said that Patterson looked terrible and Licona owned him.

Nick Potts said...

now that I think of very much resembled Licona and Carrier's debate back in 2004 i believe at UCLA. Carrier presented that Paul did not believe in a physical resurrection but Licona proved it wrong over and over again...Patterson did the same thing.

Neil Shenvi said...

Favorite quote from Patterson: "It comes down to this: I don't believe that Jesus was raised physically from the dead because that is just not part of my worldview; it's just not possible." (1:24:20-1:24:30) Yep, that's basically the crux of the matter.

Also, is Patterson's position even consistent? He begins and ends by saying that the apostles expressed their belief that "Jesus was right" by saying that he was raised physically from the dead. But in the middle, he argues that the Christians did not even originally believe in a physical Resurrection. Which is it?

Nick Potts said...

Neil, I'm in agreement with you. actually, I'm not sure if you can hear it on the audio or not, I haven't had a chance to listen to it. But when he said that, my friend and I laughed extremely hard, I was in tears and if he wasn't, he was close. "What Jesus meant by saying He will rise again means that He was right." Gimme a break Patterson, stop straining the text, and read it.

In the words of William Lane Craig to Richard Carrier, "Sounds like someone needs to stop reading in between the lines and actually start reading the lines."

erik said...

The "update your worldview" part was by far my favorite part of any resurrection debate I've ever heard. What an awesome testimony.

Nazam said...

Hi, the debate seems to be edited from 38:33? Dr Patterson is giving his opening statement but then it get's cut off towards the end and goes straight to Licona's first rebuttal.

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