Thursday, September 02, 2010

The 16 Best Apologetics Podcasts

Over three years ago I posted my 16 Best Apologetics Podcasts. That list has changed a bit since then, updated twice along the way. Here's the new, updated list. (Previous version October 4, 2010; most recent update June 23, 2011).

1. Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig - iTunes | Feed
2. Defenders - William Lane Craig - iTunes | Feed
3. Unbelievable? - Justin Brierley - iTunes | Feed
4. Straight Thinking - Kenneth Samples - iTunes | Feed
5. Stand to Reason - Greg Koukl - iTunes | Feed
6. Please Convince Me - J. Warner Wallace - iTunes | Feed
7. I Didn't Know That - Reasons to Believe - iTunes | Feed
8. Issues, Etc. - iTunes | Feed
9. Cross Examined - Frank Turek - iTunes | Feed
10. Hope's Reason - iTunes | Feed
11. Peter S Williams - iTunes | Feed
12. Come Let Us Reason - Lenny Esposito - iTunes | Feed
13. Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias - iTunes | Feed
14. Let My People Think - Ravi Zacharias - iTunes | Feed
15. Christian Persuaders - iTunes | Feed
16. Radio Show - iTunes | Feed

And don't forget, you can podcast the audio from Apologetics 315 - get it.
Also, Apologetics315 Interviews can be found here.
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Confident Christianity said...

What a great list! Thank you to Apologetics315 for providing it. Mary Jo and I anticipate producing our first pod cast in the coming weeks.....

Roger Sharp

Roger said...

Thanks for that Brian. Another excellent resource from Apologetics 315!


Rich Tatum said...

I hope this isn't a duplicate post, somehow my previous submission failed..

Anyhow, this a great list! I've caught a lot of these folks over the years, especially Craig, Koukle, Zacharias and the guys. I'm delighted to find Ankerberg here: I remember watching him on CBN back when I was in high school in the 80's!

The list would be made even better with regular RSS feed links as well — some of us don't like using iTunes. :(



Anonymous said...

Didn't you miss Alpha and Omega ministries with James White? (probably the best)

Brian said...

I just listened to that one today. Although I recommend it, it didn't make my top 16 right now.

Pedro Camino said...

I agree with Jim. You missed probably the best podcast The Dividing Line with James White.

Brian said...

James White's Podcast can be found here.

Joey said...

Please fix the Ravi Zac link

Brian said...

Joey, they seem to be working for me... is it working for others?

Unknown said...


I was just wondering if any of these apologists were British, as, though I love any expression of God's word, as an Australian I'd love some more variety in the accents of the podcasts to which I listen- I prefer to read the works of American apologists and listen to the original broadcasts by C.S Lewis etc. It's a weird request, but do you have any suggestions of British apologist podcasts to which I could subscribe?



Brian said...


First, check out the Unbelievable? Radio show (listed), as it is from the UK.

Then, check out philosopher Peter S. Williams on this page, as he is a British philosopher/apologist with good content.

Also check out the Ravi Zacharias podcasts (Just Thinking & Let My People Think), as he has a variety of speakers which include British, Indian, American, and Scottish apologists.

The Damaris group also has some good resources, including some more UK podcasts.

Also, although not a podcast, you might want to check out some of the audio and video at John Lennox's site.

Unknown said...

Thanks a million, Brian- your help is greatly appreciated! The .xml url on the Peter Williams link is broken, but I found it worked absolutely fine simply with:

Thanks once more, and I'll continue to follow your blog and its fantastic links closely!

Brian said...


Thanks for noting that. I have amended the post with a note on instructions for using certain links. (some are xml links that should be pasted right into iTunes to subscribe).

However, your solution is also correct!

Unknown said...

Hey that's a great information. My God! it is not hard for a person to get equipped when such resources are a click away.

I purchased a mobile Nokia Music Express it supports 8 GB and I transfered all the lectures into it and I listen to them where ever I am. Just an Idea.

Peter Akbar

DaleFlannery said...

Please don't assume everyone uses iTunes because you do, or would be willing to even install that program.

Brian said...

Thanks, Dale.
I have now added FEED addresses for those who don't use iTunes.

Ricardo Fernandez said...

What about "The Dividing Line" hosted by the feisty Calvinist Dr. James White?

Danny said...

That's just it Jessica...he's a Calvinist. No front page news for Calvinists.

Brian said...


A few of these podcasts are hosted by people who hold to a Calvinist perspective, so I am not sure how you came to your conclusion.

Glenn Hendrickson said...

Hey Brian, I'd have to agree with Jim's comment (from 2009). The Dividing Line podcast by James White ought to be toward the top of the list.

Glenn Hendrickson

Lenny Esposito said...

As always, a great list Brian! Thanks so much for your work for the Kingdom and including us in it.

Lenny Esposito
Come Reason Ministries

Erica said...

I like James White for the most part. I don't listen to many of his Calvinistic podcasts, as I am emphatically Arminian, but his Catholic & Muslim podcasts are awesome.

Dr. Michael Brown hosts my favorite apologetic podcast

Tory Ninja said...

I opened up the feed just for this reason: Why isn't James White/The Dividing Line on the list? That Podcast is clearly better than some of the ones on that list. Sixteeen seems kind of an arbitary number so why not make it 17 and have The Dividing Line on there ;) Esspecially given that you just promoted him not too long ago in one of your interviews!

Brian said...


Thanks for chiming in. On a joking note, it seems that the Dividing Line will get more hits if I don't put it on the list than if I do!

But seriously, as for the number 16, it is what I started out with a few years ago, so I don't plan to change the number for various linking reasons (lots of other pages point to the top 16, etc.) But that is beside the point.

My choice of podcasts on the list has everything to do with a couple rough criteria: what I like to listen to most, and what I personally think will be most beneficial to those just coming to apologetics. Another element that plays into whether I want to recommend a podcast is consistency of content. Most everything on that list I can predict will be about apologetics topics consistently.

As for the Dividing Line, I listen to almost every episode and have a lot of respect for James White and have nothing against reformed theology or Calvinism (in case that is why people think I am not listing it here). So let it be officially stated that I am not at all anti- Dr. White, etc. Otherwise I would not have interviewed him! He's a seasoned apologist, a great debater, someone who is fiercely dedicated to the Bible, someone who is consistent theologically, etc. All good.

The reason the podcast doesn't make my list of recommendations (while being one that is on my personal playlist every time it comes out) is because the content is mixed: It could be apologetics, but it could also be the never-ending Ergun Caner saga, Dr. White's personal take on all manner of issues theological or otherwise, opinions on why every other theological or apologetical view is wrong, and for me it tends to be unpredictable in that regard - to the point that I could imagine him doing a show about why he's not in the Top 16 apologetics podcasts. Sometimes the "tone" is great, other times I personally cringe at the tone. But don't accuse me of not including it because of theological or methodological concerns.

So even though there is a lot of great content here and there, and at the risk of angering those who love the Dividing Line, I personally wouldn't recommend it in my top 16 here. Sorry guys! Maybe others feel the same as me - but I don't know. I have included it in my list of "Apologetics Podcasts worth your time."

Tory Ninja said...

Thanks Brian for that response! I think that really clears up the purpose of this list and why you made it.

Brian said...

Thanks to those who corrected me on a couple of the feed addresses. I appreciate it!

Brian said...

For those who want to add ALL the podcasts to your iTunes at once, just download the OPML file and drag it into iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Apologetics 315; I appreciate all the information that you have provided.

Anonymous said...

I'll nominate one of my favorites: Fighting for the Faith.

wtanksley said...

I'll second "Fighting For the Faith", with the warning that the episodes tend to be just over 2 hours long. It's totally worth it.
Most of the length comes from the "Sermon Review", in which he plays a sermon in full and comments on how it presents the Gospel. As he puts it, he reviews "the good, the bad, and the ugly".

Nick Potts said...

I would like to say, I do love James White, I think he has a great ministry and great podcast. I myself am a Calvinist, but I am with Brian on the "consistency" of it. Sometimes it is apologetic in nature, but other times it is not, which is why, i'm sure, that it does not fall in the top 16 as "Top APOLOGETIC podcasts." so, though i do love the guy....i completely see and understand why it is not in the top 16.

Please people, let us be thankful that Brian has taken the time to offer us these items and not be ardent on why our favorites aren't on there, because it is then that we get into emotional arguments...which we as apologists know are fallacious from their foundations.

In Christ's love,

Michael Baldwin said...

Thanks so much for this resource, Brian!
And also thanks for explaining why you don't have White's podcast on there, it makes a lot of sense and I appreciate that.
But yeah he's probably getting more exposure and hits probably from not being on there anyway so everyone's a winner ;P

jeremy said...

I have been listening to "Coffe Cup Apologetics" by Michael Spencer. Good bite-size 22 min podcasts...around 50 available. I wondered why it had been a year since the last podcast and was saddened when I went to his site to find he passed away. God bless him and his work.

Madeleine Flannagan said...

Glenn Peoples' podcast is awesome and very worth checking out.

danielg said...

I highly concur on the following:
- Unbelievable
- Reasonable Faith
- ID the future

I listen to Al Mohler daily, but I don't think The Briefing is really apologetic. His weekly Thinking in Public is probably more apologetic.

I like James White a lot, but he's got a high low signal/noise ratio.

I think you could easily add the following:
- The Veritas Forums podcast
- Shire Network News (comedy)

See my own lists of podcasts:
Guide: Best Podcasts for Christians
Guide: Best Atheist / Secularist / Anti-theist Podcasts?

Brian said...


Yes, I know Mohler's isn't straight apologetics. However, it was brand new (and still great) at the time I added it to the list. At the time it was a worthy replacement for a podcast that fell out of my favorites. I plan to revise my list in the future, and Mohler (although a very useful daily listen) will come out.

Unknown said...

(hope I didn't double post, had problems first time)
Thanks for the list, I've been coming here for a few years now grabbing all the great links. As a mailman with 6-7 hours a day to listen to my iphone, I've devoured hundreds and hundreds (probably thousands come to think of it) of hours of apologetics and when I run dry, I run back here to find something else. So thanks for that.
My 10 favorite podcast list:
-Stand to Reason (of course)
-Please Convince Me
-Cross Examined
-The Dividing Line (which I think should be in the top 16 above but I understand)
-Out of Mormonism (if you want to know what a Mormon thinks, this is the podcast you need to listen to--I recommend the Amy Snow episode, she was articulate and informative)
-Come Let Us Reason
-Line of Fire Radio with Dr. Brown
-Issues, Etc.(though they frustrate me some times)
-Understanding the Times with Jan Markell (mainly because it's one of the few--if not the only--show that tackles the New Age with knowledgable guests. What's the deal with no other apologetic show hardly ever mentioning the New Age, anyway? EVER. New Age concepts are EVERYWHERE...I digress. Though this show focuses too much on End Times and Global governments, which hold no interest to me...)
-Heart of the Matter with Shawn McCraney. (Admittedly, the host is a bit...rough around the edges, but he's doctrinally sound and knows Mormonism INSDE AND OUT. He was a Mormon for 40 years. The show is basically in audio form. That's Sandra Tanner's website. If you want to learn about Mormonism, I highly recommend it. The show(which is also a tv show) takes place in SLC. Yeah. Sparks fly with callers. He rants about Christians involved in social issues like abortion, and poltics in general, which is ridiculous (tell that to Wilberforce)and annoying, but it's VERY informative and entertaining.

I could never get into Unbelievable, too many guests get away with saying crazy things, makes me want to pull my hair out. Think it Thru is good, but the podcast has stopped working? Same with Sound Rezn. Reasonable Faith is too short. Oh, forgot the RTB guys, hm, and ID the future. I could go on. That is all.

Michael Baldwin said...

Oh Brian, you MUST put Glenn Peoples' podcast on here. It is easily top ten and maybe even top 6 in my opinion!
Such high quality stuff.

chris said...

I have subscribed to the top five for years, glad to see that my taste is pretty good when it comes to picking podcast to learn from. I must say I am a little disappointed that The Bible Answer Man pod cast didn't make this list. It is the best at teaching people how to read the bible as well as answering bible questions and not allowing tradition to over ride intellectual honesty. IMHO

Danny said...

Another James White robot here. Go DL.

Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly intriqued that u don't include hank hannegraff's Bible Answer Man on your list. he was the only apologist i knew of for many years. although i don't always agrre w/ him, i thought he was the best. is there something i need to be aware of?

Brian said...

Nothing against Bible Answer Man. It's a worthy listen.

Patt316 said...

I truly enjoy listening to all the Apologist's on your list. These are some of the around. Another Apologist that is worthy of mentioning is
Dr. Phil Fernandes of The Institute of Biblical Defense. Here's the link:

SJBedard said...

Great list. I listen to a number of them and looks like I will have to add some. Thanks for including me.

Anonymous said...

The voice of truth by Dr. Norman Geisler
(4 minute apologetics updates!)

Sathishkumar Borugadda said...

Thank you very much may god's grace be with you.

B. Clement said...

Hi there,
I haven't listened to any of these it read some of the comments. It seems you indicate that they podcasts listed are for "people who are new to apologetics". I myself have been a Christian for a couple decades, grew up in Christianity, and even went to a bible college where I minored in biblical studies ( though that was many years ago) I am now in medical school and the type of people I discuss theology/creationism/apologetics are incredibly well informed and excessively educated. What would yiu suggest for me?

Brian said...

B. Clement,

These are not limited to those who are new to apologetics. I'd recommend them to anyone.

All of the top five are material heavy enough for those with background knowledge as you described.

Anonymous said...

Great shows. I subscribe to most of them. Reasonable Faith, Let My People Think, Straight Thinking, Stand to Reason, and CrossExamined will give you a ton of information. God bless and keep up the good work.

Rob said...

Just my $.02 for James White and the Dividing Line. His debates are incredible.

Coy Suprise said...

Are these in any specific recommended order? If you could give a top 3, which ones would they be? Thanks.

Eduardo said...

Nice job, Thanks for all this stuff, God bless you

Unknown said...

I'm very happy the Dr. Craig's podcasts were 1 & 2! If you haven't heard the Defender's podcast it's definitely worth the time, taking you through Christian Doctrine from evidence for the existence of God to the doctrine of Baptism. Great ranking I can't wait to check out the other podcasts!

Unknown said...

Brilliant work ! Coming from a slightly different direction, I would also mention that and both have some really good audio books. The former has a half price sale on at the mo and I bought a couple of their apologetics audio books. Also, if you are a Amazon/Kindle buyer, sometimes there are Audible books for a few dollars if you have bought the Kindle or paper book.

Unknown said...

Catholic Answers Live have some really informative podcasts as well. They have open forums for non catholics, as well as atheists and agnostics.

J. Paul said...

Here's a variety of podcasts, for both rss and iTunes:

Some apologetics for rss include:

A very nice downloader can be downloaded here:

After installing it, just copy and paste the links above into the rss feed and click subscribe or single out specific mp3s. Have fun!

Erik said...

James White's Dividing Line all the way :D

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