Saturday, September 25, 2010

Francis Schaeffer Lecture on Apologetics MP3

In this audio, Francis Schaeffer presents a lecture on apologetics, presuppositions, communication in culture, and the line of despair. Although somewhat of a fragment (it's only part of a group of lectures), it's a nice audio for getting a feel for Schaeffer's style, ideas, and approach. Original at SermonIndex. More by Schaeffer here.

Full MP3 Audio here (1hr)



Anonymous said...

Many more audio recordings of Schaeffer's lectures may be downloaded from

For an excellent introduction to Schaeffer's life and thought, see the series by Kim Riddlebarger, previously mentioned on Apologetics 315:

For much more detailed coverage of Schaeffer, Jerram Barrs' excellent courses presented at Covenant Theological Seminary are available free online: and

Roger said...

I've never heard Schaeffer in audio before. He has an interesting accent. American with a twist of English/Australian. Is there a reason for this?

For instance, when saying "Half", he says "Harf" (English/Australian) instead of "Hairf" (Nth American).

Similarly when saying "Path", he says "Parth" rather than "Pairth".

Toally irrelevant of course, but a curious dialect none-the-less.

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