Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Best Pro-Life Resources Online

If you are looking for the best place to find pro-life resources, start with Scott Klusendorf's Life Training Institute. With audio for defending the unborn, pro-life articles (check out "The Five-Minute Pro-Lifer"), podcasts, video, and more.

Looking for books to educate you on the pro-life position? On a recent Stand to Reason program, Scott Klusendorf recommended his top five suggested books:

1. The Unaborted Socrates (Peter Kreeft)
2. Precious Unborn Human Persons (Greg Koukl)
3. The Case for Life (Scott Klusendorf)
4. Defending Life (Francis Beckwith)
5. Natural Rights and the Right to Choose (Hadley Arkes)

For other pro-life resources on Apologetics315, click here.

Get equipped.


Unknown said...

Finally. I have found the site I have been looking for. I fought and marched for the unborn before Roe v Wade. I earnestly grieve everyday for the slaughter of those who will never have a chance at life. A life created by God. Our sin is great in His eyes. He is patient and will forgive. God please help us.

Russell said...

Hi sugarcoatedgal,

I would highly suggest the life training institute link that Brian posted above. Scott Klusendorf is one of the most prominent pro-life advocates around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for connecting us with these resources Brian!

I find more useful stuff on this site than almost anywhere else!

Lee said...

Erm... just wondering - is there any argument FOR abortion?

Is abortion absolutely wrong in ALL instances?

Or, in some extreme cases, is there a place (argument) for abortion? If so, when might this be?

I find many times when someone says abortion is wrong, they mean it is only wrong in certain instances and not all.

Just wondering, as I said – are these responses against ALL abortions, or just most?


Brian said...

Hi Lee.

It is not simply a blanket statement. For instance, you could listen to Greg Koukl's interaction about a how a situation may warrant a different approach. Check out the Stand to Reason program here.

Included in the Caller Topics: 1. What is the ethical thing to do when a pregnant woman needs medical treatment that may harm the child? (00:23:54)

Lee said...

Hi Brian,

It is not simply a blanket statement.

Good, then you do not believe abortions are absolutely wrong I assume.

I have heard from some Christians that they believe it was.

I've downloaded the show, will try and listen later


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