Monday, September 06, 2010

Apologist Interview: J.P. Moreland

Today's interview is with Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland. He talks about how he got involved in the areas of philosophy and apologetics, the three points of the Kingdom Triangle, reliance on the Holy Spirit in evangelism, encouragement in devotional life, the concepts he covers in The God Question, a holistic approach to apologetics, advice for apologists, some tips for lifelong learning and more.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (33 min)


JP Moreland's new website here.
Books he talked about:
The Kingdom Triangle
The God Question


bossmanham said...

Man, Brian, how do you get these great interviews?

Brian said...

"Ancient chinese secret"

8violets said...

Thank you, Brian!

Shelby Cade said...

fantastic interview. Brian, you have a worldclass apologetic site.

Brian said...

Thanks, Shelby.

mmcelhaney said...

Brian, thanks for posting this. You ask some great questions! This is why your interview series are so great.

Davitor said...

Yes, there is hope, never thought I would hear the word holistic follow by the word apologist.

Unknown said...

Dear Brain
Praise the Lord.. you are doing a tremendous ministry.. and thanks for having Dr. JP moreland in apologetic of my fav Website.. great interview

Mikel said...

Awesome interview. Love J.P.'s comment to us next-gen apologists: "You don't have to be Bill Craig!" Thank God generalists make a difference, too. We're all in this together, right? Thanks for this, Brian!

Ron LaRock said...

Thank you, Brian, for posting this interview with J.P. Moreland. He has really helped me a lot through the few books I've read. Being an apologetics philosopher leaves one confused for many years because we are convinced by conventional teaching that we don't exist. Even in this short interview, J.P. has resolved an issue in my soul and confirmed an ideology I have, but have wrestled with how to explain it to others; namely, "we aren't to live Jesus' life, but we are to live OUR life as Jesus would." I agree, "he's deep"; and don't we love that. : ) Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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