Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Doubts About Darwin: MP3 Audio by Dr. Tom Woodward

This MP3 Audio presents the essential material from the book by Dr Woodward of the same title. It focuses not only on the history of Intelligent Design research, but on the specific nature of the arguments advanced by Intelligent Design that the culture has found hard to resist.

MP3 Audio here.

More good stuff from the European Leadership Forum.



Ed Darrell said...

One might be better off to read Steven Jones's Darwin's Ghost. It's got a lot more information, and it's written from a theologically better position.

Brian said...

Thanks, Ed.
What is the theological position of "Darwin's Ghost?"

Ed Darrell said...

Same as the theological position of Newton's Principia. Same as the theological position of Einstein's paper on special relativity. Same as Darwin's monograph on worms and leaf moulds.

If one follows the admonition of Paul, one would read it. It is praiseworthy, and of good report.

You can read the first chapter at the link.

Brian said...

Maybe you could break that down for those who have not yet read the titles you have listed.

Ed Darrell said...

It's science. It has the same theological perspective as the snow and the rain.

What are you worried about? Why would it matter what theological perspective it had, if it had one?

Quality stuff is quality stuff. As Paul suggested, we should seek after quality stuff.

Brian said...


The reason I asked is because you claimed it had a better theological perspective. I wanted you to elaborate for our readers beyond referencing Newton, Einstein, and Darwin's books.

I'm not worried; I am curious and interested in more details. Like Paul - looking for "quality stuff."

Ed Darrell said...

You're right, so I did say it's in a better position theologically.

It is, especially for Christians. Jones writes his book without intent to deceive anyone, without having to hide any science, without having to exaggerate claims. Jones writes from the position that the original scientist Christians worked from, that nature, since it comes directly from the hands of God without possibility of inaccurate translation, provides the most accurate testament of God we can have.

Why don't you take a look at the first chapter and see?

Brian said...

It sure sounds like you would love the writings of William Paley.

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