Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Featured Apologetics Resource: Apologetics Videos, Curriculum and PDF downloads

The Apologetics Study Bible is a pretty good apologetics resource. On their web site you will find an excellent set of flash videos covering:
What is Apologetics?
The Cosmological Argument
The Design Argument
The Moral Argument
The Resurrection

You can also download PDF transcripts of each lesson in the curriculum, which may serve well as a teaching resource.



Manawatu Christian Apologetics Society said...

Wow, the videos and associated slides are great. And you can download them, run the installed, and watch them at your own pace. Very nice piece of work!

Brian said...

I was pleasantly surprised - very good resource I think.

Ryan Hemelaar said...

Great resource! Thanks Brian.

Nathan Harmony said...

There are more videos than just these. Here they all are on youTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/musickle#g/u

wwjd3 said...

Hi, Brian. It seems that the links are dead links. I found the new URL to the videos and downloadable material.


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