Friday, September 26, 2008

William Lane Craig's Rebuttal to the West Wing MP3 Audio

William Lane Craig addresses the popular "West Wing" episode dealing with the topic of homosexuality and the Bible.
Listen to MP3 audio here.

Part of Craig's great Reasonable Faith Podcast.



Loosed Mind said...

Certainly a well thought through and reasonable discussion. However I thought in presenting the distinctionction between homosexual behavior and homosexuality as a modern understanding related to ones orientation was presented in a way that was a bit disingenuous. Certainly at the end of the discussion it is acknowledged that the church has not always and perhaps has been a bit late in articulating such a distinction between homosexuality and even homosexual persons and certain homosexual acts. However initially it is a charge against the writers and producers of the West Wing that this distinction is not made. It seems to me that if we as church are as you say guilty of subchristian teaaching and belief about people related to these matters then this must rightly be where we bring our first word of correction. I have no doubt the writers of the episode had some sophistication in terms of the Biblical material to have so masterfuly scripted that speach and yet to denounce that and ascribe to it any dubious agenda without coupling it from the start with the confession of our having set ourselves up in this way. We do not I assume look to the world to know our own scripture with the clarity that we the church should know it. I also think that we miss a creative and bridge building moment in not enjoying at some level the way this could be a critique of just the things noted at the end of this discussion and one we could welcome gratefully as a resource to chalenge our own communities (though your broadcast is in a sense doing just that). I guess hearing the show and the retourt the preseident in the show makes what comes to mind in the nature of the message including the hyperbolic rehtoric is Paul in his seemingly disonant efforts to uphold the truth and value of the Law while proclaiming the utter freedom from the law in Christ. I guess I just think the show lacks the follow up to capture that Pauline spirit- the Romans chapter 2- to guide the way we actively embrace the message in Romans chapter 1. I do not write this with the intent of its posting though you are free to do so. I wish I had polished it a bit and been less critical if that is what you choose to do, truely I just wanted to give that feedback for your consideration. Thankyou for so many rich resources.

Ralph Roberts

Nathan Harmony said...

I think Apologetic315 needs more material on the homosexuality issue.

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