Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bart Ehrman and Peter Williams MP3 Audio

From the Unbelievable? program on Bart Ehrman is the author of the bestselling book "Misquoting Jesus." He calls into question the authority of the New Testament as scribal changes over time have changed the documents.

So can we trust the scripture? Bible scholar Peter Williams believes in the reliability of the New Testament and that Bart's prognosis is far too pessimistic. Be sure to listen to a fuller critique of Ehrman by Williams here.

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Full MP3 Audio here.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this available - Williams is a brilliant guy.

- A postgrad student in Durham, England

REVOLT: Noize Of A Revolution said...

The difference between "compassion" and "being angry" in Mark 1:41 when viewed through God's character and nature encapsulates no difference. Christ was moved with compassion towards the individual whom He loved but was tormented by sickness and the author of sickness satan himself. Coupled with compassion Christ felt a justified, indignant anger not against the leper but against satan and sickness which held captive those whom He passionately loved. In this instance regarding Bart Ehrman, I have to agree with Malcolm Muggeridge when he says that, "Modern man has educated himself into imbecility".

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