Monday, January 12, 2009

James White Critiques Bart Ehrman MP3 Audio

This is James White on his Dividing Line podcast as he critiques Bart Ehrman's interview on the Infidel Guy program.

Full MP3 Audio here.

A second part of this critique can be found here.



Cowloogi said...

I enjoyed this very much. Do you have the first part to his critique as well?

Brian said...

I personally didn't hear the first part (didn't realize this was a second part), but I would probably point you to his podcast for a previous episode listing.

Brian said...

A second part of this critique can be found here.

Cowloogi said...

Thanks! I love this blog. I look forward to getting home from school everyday so I can check it.

Brian said...

I am glad you like the blog.

As for the audio, this second part was a great listen.

Brian said...

James White's part 3 of the critique of the Infidel Guy's discussion with Bart Ehrman can be found here. The discussion resumes at about the 27-minute mark. Enjoy.

Chad said...


I really enjoyed all 3 parts! I was amazed at how little the IG actually knows about NT scholarship!

My favorite part was when the IG asked Bart if anyone had ever taken all the available NT manuscripts and tried to make a Bible as close to those as possible! Ehrman's response- "I think that is what all of them try to do"- was priceless!

Thank you for posting this and keep up the good work!


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