Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Don't I Feel My Faith MP3 Audio by Ravi Zacharias

When you've pursued all the learning, read all the books, made all the intellectual commitments to faith, you expect that somehow there will be an evoking of the emotion that will conform to what it is you claim to believe in your mind or intellect. But in truth, that feeling is often not there, or has temporarily lapsed. In a culture that operates so much by emotion, how do we take both our knowledge and our emotions and unify them into a framework of morality and information?

Full MP3 Audio here.

Original audio files at RZIM. More resources here.



Aaron said...

Sounds like a great topic.


Brian said...

I thought it was a good talk . . . however, if someone is looking for a "pat answer" to the question, they will not find it in here. He explores some facets of the answer, but doesn't offer a final one liner or anything like that.

Meg Cusack said...

Here is another good resource on this topic. In an interview posted on this website with Gary Habermas, he was discussing that he thinks that about 70% of doubt is emotional. Brian Auten asked Dr. Habermas about resources for this. He said that if there is one book he could give someone to help them deal with this topic, it would be Telling Yourself the Truth by Backus and Chapain. I read it this summer; it is an easy, enjoyable read and is a book that everyone should know about either to help themselves or others.

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