Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michael Licona Debates MP3 Audio and Video

Here are a number of good debates that Michael Licona has had with prominent atheists, agnostics, and Muslim scholars.

Can Historians Prove that Jesus Rose from the Dead?
Mike Licona vs. Bart Ehrman MP3 | Video

Debate: On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Mike Licona vs. Richard Carrier MP3 | Video

Debate: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?
Mike Licona vs. Dan Barker MP3 | Video

What Was the 1st Century Fate of Jesus?
Mike Licona vs. Ali Ataie MP3 | Video

Christianity and Islam - Did Jesus Rise?
Mike Licona vs. Shabir Ally MP3 | Video



Chad said...


Great post brother! Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these excellent debates in your blog, these really challenges my faith in Jesus Christ. Watching these videos, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, really strengthens all Christians & could be a means of equipping them to share the Gospel.

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