Monday, September 26, 2011

Apologist Interview: Mark Mittelberg

Today's interview is with Mark Mittelberg, author, speaker, and evangelism strategist. He talks about his background and ministry work, the relationship between apologetics and evangelism, integrating apologetics into the local church, his book The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense, the goal and content of the book (it's a great apologetic evangelistic tool), the idea of spiritual seekers, advice for apologists, and more. Books by Mark here.

Full Interview MP3 Audio (50 min)

***Mark will be giving away three free copies of his book The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense. Just leave an email address and your name in this form to enter the drawing for the book. See the opening chapter here.

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Brian said...

Winners for the book drawing have been picked and notified by email.

Congrats Ian, Kevin, and Connor!

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