Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Slavery in the Bible: Articles & Audio

Many people wrongly assume that when the Bible speaks of slavery, it means the same thing as slavery in more modern times. Furthermore, many people assume that the descriptions of slavery in the Bible suggest that the Bible condones or encourages slavery. Because of these misconceptions, there is this blog post with 8 quick resources. Because these misconceptions continue, here are more helpful articles and a insightful audio interview:

The Question of Slavery (Tom Gilson)
• Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? An Overview (Paul Copan)
• Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? Examining Difficult Texts (Paul Copan)
• Why Is the New Testament Silent on Slavery - or Is It? (Paul Copan)

Finally, listen to the following 19 minute audio by Peter J. Williams, answering tough questions about slavery in the Old Testament: Slavery in the Old Testament? (MP3)

[HT: Thinking Matters for the Copan posts]


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