Thursday, September 08, 2011

William Lane Craig in the UK October 2011

In October 2011 William Lane Craig will visit the UK for a series of lectures and debates. Craig will  present the case for the truth of the Christian faith, responding both to Stephen Hawking's recent book The Grand Design as well as to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. [Richard Dawkins has thus far declined a debate, but the door is open to him defending his book The God Delusion on 25th Oct at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford.]

For those based in the UK, the time for booking your place at the various events is now. Go to the Registration Page at Premier's website for more info and to sign up. For more information on William Lane Craig, the venues, and debate information, go to BeThinking's Reasonable Faith Tour page and itinerary. Go and like the Facebook Page.

Here's an audio file interviewing Craig about this upcoming tour.


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