Thursday, September 29, 2011

Featured Ministry: Christian Thinkers Society

One of Apologetics315's goals is to help promote apologetics in the local church. Last month we featured Tactical Faith, which aims to get resources into churches -- but today's featured ministry is the Christian Thinkers Society, a great example of an apologetics-centered ministry within the local church. It is based on the concept of having a "Christian Thinkers Night" each week in order to "raise the spiritual aptitude of God’s people by taking deep, profound apologetic truth and explaining it in non-technical language so they will understand and be stimulated to communicate, spread and defend the Christian message." Jeremiah Johnson is leading this initiative at New Day Church Kansas City in Olathe, Kansas.

Christian Thinkers Nights also feature Skype interviews (vimeo videos can be found here) of some of today's leading Christian apologists. This is an excellent concept that could be adapted and customized for use in other churches. It's worth checking out and following.


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