Thursday, November 18, 2010

Introduction to Intelligent Design Theory MP3

In this lecture, philosopher Peter S. Williams presents an Introduction to Intelligent Design Theory. Check out his podcast page at Damaris for the iTunes feed or RSS feed. Peter's blog can be found here, which has other recent lectures.

Full MP3 Audio here. (90min)


See other Peter S. Williams resources.


Human Ape said...

In this lecture, philosopher Peter S. Williams presents an Introduction to MAGIC Theory.

Since when did philosophers become qualified to write about science?

pds said...

Around 350 BC with Aristotle ;) Science, as we all know, has Philosophical presuppositions. Thus we have a branch of Philosophy called "Philosophy of Science".

Chad said...

Human Ape aka bobxxxx,

On your view, what qualifications must one have in order to write about science?

What are your qualifications?


Well said!

Quintessential said...

Human Ape, FYI, science is based on philosophy.

Michael Baldwin said...

I wouldn't bother trying to spend time reasoning with this guy, spend 5 minutes looking at his blog and you'll see why.
For example, see here where I commented earlier and his response

Davitor said...

I do agree that Science also makes presupposition but at least to their credit they don't confined their speculations based on ancient writings.

Russell said...


You continually use Christ as a source in your posts. These teachings about Christ come from ancient writings. So aren't you doing the same thing?

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