Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (11/05 - 11/12)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Pascal's Pensées FREE Kindle eBook
• A Review of McGrath's The Passionate Intellect
Practicing the Craft of the Cultural Apologist
Al Mohler weighs in against BioLogos
November edition of Summit Journal (PDF)
Upcoming EPS Apologetics Conference
Did Physicists Generate a “Mini-Big Bang”?
Can We Really Trust the Gospels?
Biola Christian Apologetics on YOUTUBE
• Accessible Apologetics Curriculum: Lesson on Faith and Reason | Evidence for God
Hugh Ross comments on Scientists Re-create Big Bang in Lab (MP3)
“Does the Universe Have a Purpose?” — A Debate in Mexico, Nov 13
William Lane Craig asks: are there objective truths about God?
Frank Turek asks atheists: would you follow Jesus if Christianity were true?
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Jordan said...

Brian, thanks for the link to the article on cultural apologetics! It's a branch of apologetics I'm particularly interested in, but it often seems to get overlooked.

Mikel said...

Thanks for linking to Accessible Apologetics. Hope everyone gets a chance to download the FREE lesson, too!

Mikel said...

I also love the fact that Biola's chapels and certain seminars are now on YouTube. I actually listen to these while doing the dishes at night! :-)

Brian said...

Jordan, I will be trying to get some interviews that cover this sort of subject matter in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your weekly hard work getting all these great links together Brian!

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