Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can Science Inform Our Understanding of God? MP3 Series

Here is a series of lectures given at the Science and Faith Conference on December 2, 2011, entitled Can Science Inform Our Understanding of God? There is a pretty good lineup of speakers, each covering a topic pertinent to the science/faith issue. Each talk is followed by a response from another speaker. Original audio can be found here at the Conference Website (but the audio files are huge there). See website for videos of each lecture as well. Click to download smaller MP3 files here, or use this RSS feed to get the whole batch in your iTunes or RSS reader.

Dr. Michael Behe - MP3
"The Modern Scientific Theory of Intelligent Design: Strengths and Limitations”
Dr. Stephen Barr - MP3
"Physics, the Nature of Time and Theology”
Dr. Jay W. Richards - MP3
"Signs of Design from Physics and Astronomy”
Dr. Edward Feser - MP3
“Natural Theology Must Be Grounded in the Philosophy of Nature, Not Natural Science”
Dr. Benjamin Wiker - MP3
“Can Science Demonstrate the Existence of God?”
Dr. Alvin Plantinga - MP3
"Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies”



TheJollyOwl said...

Wow these are great, I like Wiker's focus on the free will argument. I feel like a very strong argument against naturalism that also has significant popular appeal could be constructed from it.

pds said...

Awesome! I can't wait to hear Ed Feser's presentation. Is he on your interview list Brian?

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